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Making Images with the Landscape not of it

Ben Starav in WinterWelcome to my website, I hope you enjoy it. I am interested in photography of many kinds. However I have only limited time to spend on making photographs and due to this, amongst other reasons, almost all my photography is based on the landscape.
My aim is not to illustrate the landscape but to make images that address various concerns. For more than a year after starting work in landscape photography I thought quite hard about my essential aim. In the end I coined the phrase: making pictures with the landscape not of it. I have published various articles and books on landscape photography and hope to continue do so as I come to have a deeper appreciation of the subject.

Csak tiszta forrásból
(Only from a clear spring)
From Cantata Profana by Béla Bartók

Light is the Medium but not Necessarily the MessagE


"You use colour the same way that I use tonality" (John Blakemore, quoted with permission)