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John Blakemore

In April 2011 I made one of many visits to John Blakemore. We had discussed his forthcoming retrospective book on previous visits, from as far back as when he was still considering it. Once he had completed the work and had a publicatoin date I suggested writing an article for Ag magazine about the process. I sounded out Chris Dickie the editor and proprietor of the magazine, he was very keen on the idea and wanted to be the first to publish anything about the book. My visit in April was to help with preparing the article and as part of this I recorded an interview with John. He also lent me quite a few prints to scan for the article. After scanning I sent him digital prints for comments, his suggestions for the slightest of modifications were a master class in themselves. The article was then written and sent off to Chris Dickie was was very pleased with it and was intending to publish it as soon as possible. Sadly he was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and died early in June. With his untimely passing the magazine ceased publication. With John's agreement I published a version of the article several months later in Against Beauty and Other Essays. The interview is made available here with John's agreement. The recording is also linked to the photograph, clicking on that instead of the plugin controls will open a new page.