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Beyond Wrods A great place to get photography books, including those hard to find ones. Neil McIlwraith, the owner, is both very knowledgable and passionate about photography books. The physical book shop in Edinburgh has now closed but the business continues on the web and deserves to be supported by all who care about photography




John Blakemore's Black and White Workshop John Blakemore's Black and White Photography Workshop, David and Charles, 2005.

I read this at a time when I had no intention of working in black and white. It is a wonderful insight into the thinking of a great photographer. John Blakemore writes very clearly and discusses deep matters with his characteristic gentle manner and light touch. A must read book.
In mid 2008 I felt ready to add black and white to my work. The book was invaluable in helping me see what this would add in expressive possibilities and how to achieve them. I was also lucky enough to attend a workshop with John Blakemore, pretty soon after that I set up my own darkroom.




John Camino James book John Camino-James: a few streets, a few people, Dewi Lewis, 2006.

At times documentary photography is more about the photographer's slant and can be rather preachy. This book of photographs made in the Cayo Hueso district of Havana, Cuba is a wonderful exception. What shines through it is that John Camino-James relates to people and photographs them rather than as mere symbols of some situation. His work shows the conditions of their lives clearly but these conditions do not delimit their humanity. He has a keen eye for the telling moment as well as recording so many subtleties to be discovered and enjoyed. You will not find any of the tired cliches about Cuba in this superb book.


Impressionist Camera book Impressionist Camera, Pictorial Photography in Europe, 1888-1918, Merrell (ISBN 1 85894 331-0).

Pictorialism is often portrait as a dead end movement concerned with mimicking painting in a rather literal way. While that is true of certain aspects of the movement, this superbly illustrated book proves that such a view is very limited to say the least. There are some astonishing images here. The book accompanied an exhibition and contains many interesting essays on a country by country basis by various authors.